Watercolors – and a wolf graphic. Story of a tee

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If you came here, you were probably searching for a garment with a wolf graphic. Well: you are in the right place.


When we look for a new design, first of all we put together all of our ideas. People use to say that two heads are better than one, but what happens with three heads? Three people with different tastes and ideas?


… It’s a mess. Honestly. A true mess.


So it’s important to talk, to show your ideas to the rest of the team; to bring your own inspiration, and to accept the others’ opinion as well. This involves a lot of sketches, drawings and hours spent on Pinterest. (Which is not bad, not at all).


For this t-shirt we wanted something that reminded the wild life; something wild, let’s say, and yet feminine. We absolutely wanted to start our collection with a wolf graphic: can you think of a better symbol – a better totem – for a brand whose name is “Clan we Are”?
So: a wolf graphic, and that’s ok. Everybody agreed. Marco drew the shape of a howling wolf and we all liked it. But then? How to create something which could also be delicate?


Then, Alessandra thought of watercolors. She always ends up with watercolors, it’s quite an obsession. Some colorful, liquid, evanescent spots, and there it was: the design we were looking for, something wild and delicate. Something that could work for women – even the kindest ones, those who don’t always have to show their badassness. (Is that a real word for you english-speakers? Does it make sense?)


So: watercolors – and a wolf graphic. This was one of the first designs we made for Clan we Are. We chose a soft cotton-elastane-blend for this t-shirt and now we can say we like the result. We called it Waterwolf – the watercolors and the wolf graphic, you know.


Have you seen it on Etsy? You can find it here, just click the orange button!





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