A cow skull – and, again, watercolors. Story of a tee, pt.2

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Think about tribal, think about totems, think about wild mood,

and you’ll think about a cow skull. It’s simple. And so we did it: a tshirt with a cow skull, but not a plain, simple one.

If you pay attention to our logo, you’ll notice those brush spots on the background. They are war paintings. Yes, but why?


This takes us to the birth of this brand. We were sitting around the table and thinking about how we wanted it to be perceived by people. We wanted to talk about wilderness, to create a wild world, but not something bad, evil or twisted. So we thought about war paintings: warriors used to paint their face as a protective spell. A good magic to be safe.


We have noticed – more han once – that we don’t dress up always the same. It’s quite unconscious, but when we have to deal with something unpleasant or difficult (like an exam, for example) we tend to wear badass clothes. In that case, is more likely for a woman to wear – for example – biker boots rather then ballerina flats. And so, it’s more likely for a guy to wear a cow skull, rather then something with a floral pattern. It doesn’t work for everyone, of course: this is just what we think, what we saw around.

This is our idea of clothing: it may look childish, but what you wear can give you an addictional sense of protection. If you wear something you like, something you feel comfortable in, then you’ll probably look more confident with yourself. And so, a t-shirt can be like a war painting.


That’s why our cow skull has war paintings as well.

And the watercolor spots on the background have more or less the same colors of those paintings – and also the same that you can see in Clan we Are’s logo: they make us think of ochre and dried blood, something that ancient warriors could use to paint their face for a war.


If you like our cow skull t-shirt, you can find it by clicking down here.




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