Polygon wolf: our winter t-shirt. Story of a tee (pt. 6)

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A polygon wolf to represent winter? Yeah, why not!

Our “Polygon wolf” t-shirt comes from the will to create something wild – as usual – wich also could represent the coldest season. We chose the wolf because you know, the Stark family and all the winter-is-coming thing.

Yes, but how to give the idea of winter? Let’s think about it: cold… snow… ice. So we ended up drawing a polygon wolf. We all have always love the polygonal technique and we literally couldn’t wait to try it.

Have you ever drawn a polygon wolf?

Ok. Never try to do that. We said never. Really, is hard as hell and you’ll probably risk to blind yourself trying to choose the color for each polygon. A polygon wolf? What a terrible idea.

But: after a lot of hours spent designing, we finally came to something we truly liked. We decided to put some kind of vegetation in the design (yes, because drawing a whole polygon wolf wasn’t hard enough), so we chose some frost branches. Some polygonal frost branches, of course. We also wanted to add a geometric shape – a polygon! We like polygons! It’s a polygon wolf! – : it’s the triangle you can see on the t-shirt. A greyish-blue triangle, in the same colors of the whole design. We also added a small lettering, “winter”, just to remind that you can wear t-shirts whenever you like: is it winter? Is it cold as the damn South Pole? No problem! Just wear it under a very soft wool cardigan and you’ll stay warm and stylish. (If you come from one of those happy countries where Christmas comes together with summer, like Australia, 1) we may hate you a little, because you come from a really cool place; 2) you can finally feel all the winter-Christmas-magic, even if you are going surfing or sunbathing or whatever).

Our “Polygon wolf” is printed on a fitted t-shirt made of soft and sleek cotton-elastane-blend. Fashionable length;  contrast neck; reinforced shoulder seams; small sleeve hems; slim rib collar; wide neck drop.

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