All-over print: wild wild world. Story of a t-shirt (pt. 7)

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It’s not easy to find someone who can make an all-over print on a t-shirt.

(Well, maybe it’s not easy in Italy, where we live). An all-over print is expensive and hard to do, because printers have to pay attention – a lot of attention – not to make mistakes: if the t-shirt is not perfectly iron-pressed, they risk to leave spots on the wrinkles.

Luckily, we finally found a very serious and skilled team to print this kind of t-shirt. We wanted to include an all-over print in our collection: a picture on the whole surface of the t-shirt, with maybe some lettering on the front.

We chose this picture Alessandra took some months ago in a really beautiful wood near our town (yes, we do have woods in Italy: it’s not just beach, sun and lemon trees!). The photograph of a wood under the snow, actually. We mirrored and desaturated this picture and voilà: we had a design which was delicate enough to be printed over the entire t-shirt. Now it’s a garment you can really wear with everything. We added a simple white lettering on the front, big and bold but with just a 50% opacity: it says WILD WILD WORLD.
Clan we Are is always looking for something related with wilderness and freedom, so probably that’s the most appropriate message to wear.

This is how our first all-over print was born.

The t-shirt is an unbelievably soft cotton-polyestere blend: when you print an all-over t-shirt, you must use a fabric with some polyestere inside, or the print won’t last. What you have in the end is a potentially ethernal garment, which won’t lost his colors across the years. This t-shirt has a fashionable length, a wide collar and no labels in the collar. It’s comfortable and nice to wear and for God’s sake shop it now, it’s just too cool not to have it!

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