A psychedelic landscape. Psycho Mountain: story of a tee, pt.3

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Psycho Mountain, our psychedelic landscape design, is the very first graphic made by Marco for Clan we Are.

It keeps the wild vibes of the brand – it’s a natural landscape, even if a psychedelic landscape -, but with a twist: it probably depends from the influence of Marco’s university, since he studies Design. He added a strong saturation, unnatural colors and fairer stripes – and so we had something completely different from the picture he used.

It’s clear that, when you have to deal with a designer, a landscape is never just a landscape. So we got this absolutely crazy psychedelic landscape, with mountains and clouds in all the shades of purple, red, magenta, green, blue and yellow. Something acid and stylish, but incredibly easy-to-wear: when you put on a t-shirt with all this bright colors, you don’t have to worry about the whole matching thing. This psychedelic landscape it’s so cheeky and flashy that, paradoxically, you can wear it with everything.

So, what the hell are you waiting for? You have no excuses: click on the link below and see this garment on our online shop. Our psychedelic landscape t-shirt will literally give a twist to your wardrobe, guaranteed!

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