Dreamcatcher tank top: story of a tee (pt. 4)

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According to the native culture, the dreamcatcher is a magic item.


The dreamcatcher is something which protects your sleep from the nightmares: the “good” dreams flow through the feathers and reach you while you are sleeping; the bad ones disappear in the hole in the middle of the net. This is more or less the same philosophy of Clan we Are: wearing a garment that makes you feel comfortable in your body is something that protects you, something that gives you self-confidence. And self-confidence, you know, makes you happier with yourself.

You’ll understand how we absolutely wanted a dreamcatcher graphic in our first collection. A dreamcatcher is not just something cool and fashionable: it’s a symbol, an important symbol of one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Although, it’s also something cool and fashionable. It all started on last summer, when Alessandra was constantly disappointed because she couldn’t find a tank top with a nice dreamcatcher graphic on it. So we decided to make one of our own.

Gabriella, the boss/mum, is actually an architect. So, it was obviously on her to draw a bunch of perfect circles to represent the dreamcatcher: when she finished we had a regular, geometric design. We just had to bring some chaos in that perfect graphic: so we drew a ton of beads of different dimensions.

We had the net, so – to complete the dreamcatcher – we needed feathers. We didn’t want this graphic to be realistic, so we drew these abstract feathers, with suns, moon and stars sketched on them. We are very happy with the result: our dremcatcher is exactly like we imagined it, and now Alessandra has her perfect tank top and stopped being disappointed (at least, she stopped being disappointed for this specific reason).

Our dreamcatcher is printed on a soft, long, loose tank top, with a deep v-neck on both front and back: it’s a boho and cool garment, perfect for the summer since the fabric is a super soft 100% single jersey. You can easily wear it on another short top, like the white one you can see in the pictures (which is not included).

Have a look at the dreamcatcher tank top on our shop.

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