Elle-May Leckenby for Clan we Are

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You probably already know her but, if you don’t, you definitely have to check out Elle-May Leckenby ‘s blog. Right now.

Elle-May Leckenby comes from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Her town’s name apparently explains a lot of her bright, kind and positive personality. If you are tired to see the same “old” fashion bloggers, who are always trying to reproduce the constantly-pensive-expression of the runway models, you’ll definitely like Elle-May: she’s always smiling. Like, always.


Elle-May Leckenby is also a professional photographer. You can see that from her particular, sophisticated pictures. She has a taste for ethereal atmospheres and dramatic landscapes, but everything in her pictures keeps its levity because of that smiling attitude. While shooting her outfits she often chooses to pose in the middle of beautiful woods and gardens, or by the sea: but you won’t find the classic pictures you may expect from a good-looking Australian girl, all tan and surf. It’s more likely to see gloomy pictures of cliffs and and waves under a stormy sky.


This wild attitude, this beautiful combination between cool clothes and natural landscapes, is what made us choose Elly-May Leckenby as our first partner-in-crime. Since Clan we Are is always looking for wild and free vibes, we simply had to contact her. We can sicerely say that it’s a pleasure to work with someone with her kindness, her competence and her sense of style. Follow the hashtag #ellemayforclanweare to see how she matched our t-shirts!


Oh, and don’t forget to check out Elle-May Leckenby’s blog and tumblr: if you have a thing for cool and basic garments, glorious landscapes, cozy cabins, interior design or chocolate (or maybe for all these things, which are honestly some of the best things in the world) you will surely like the mood of her pictures.

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